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Simple Stream Integration Builder

Build your first simple stream integration in minutes! This form helps you create an add-on containing a Jive Simple Stream Integration. A Simple Stream Integration is an integration between a third party webhook provider and Jive. For more details on using this feature, refer to the Dev Tools series in the Jive Community.

Disclaimer: Simple Stream Integrations are only available on Jive Cloud and Jive 9.

Step 1 — Create a Transform

This JavaScript function executes whenever the third party webhook calls the Jive URL. Within this function, you should parse the contents of the incoming body and then call the callback function with JSON that complies with Jive's activity stream format.
function transform(body, headers, options, callback) {

Step 2 — Paste Webhook Payload

Update the Sample Input with event data that should come from the third party webhook. You can then test your transform function by clicking the "Run Transform" button in step 3.
Sample Input

Step 3 — Review Output

The Resulting Output text area contains the output of your transform function; it should be in the Jive activity stream format. Verify that the two tests below pass before continuing on to step 4.
Resulting Output

Transform Function Test: N/A

Output Validation Test: N/A

Step 4 — Build Your Add-on

After downloading this add-on package, upload it to your Jive community by going to the Jive Add-on management settings.

Learn more about Simple Stream Integrations with Jive by visiting Developing Your Own Simple Stream Integrations in the Jive Community.

Lastly, check out Getting Started with the Jive Node SDK to develop even more.