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OAuth 2.0 Client Builder

authenticators Quickly build an OAuth 2.0 client that enables you to get an OAuth access and refresh token for your Jive instance with this form. The access token provides controlled API access to content in Jive to a third-party service. For more information on gaining an access token with Authorization Code Grant, Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant and more, check out the Jive Developer Community.

Step 1 — Enter a Redirect URL

Assuming user allows authorization, Jive will redirect to user back to the redirect uri after successfully validating the client id and secret.

Redirect URI/URL

Step 2 — Build Your Add-on

After downloading this add-on package, upload it to your Jive community by going to the Jive Add-on management settings.

Find out more about Jive, OAuth 2.0, how to make secure REST API calls with OAuth 2.0, and managing authorization grants here

Check out Getting Started with the Jive Node SDK to develop even more.




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